Well, to keep it simple, we are geeks, nerds and technicians. We are whatever you need us to be. We are your source for all types of computer, cellphone and tablet repair. Prior to Repair Kings it was very difficult to have your phone or computer repaired, most places that offered computer repairs didn’t have the necessary experience, and cellphone repair was almost non existent.

We at Repair King strive for excellence, whether it’s in our repairs or in our customer service. We strive to deliver the best customer service with the best repair work in the industry, We always aim to deliver quality services at affordable prices. No matter what the problem, we have the solution.

Our energetic and enthusiastic technicians are the source of our pride. From the diagnostics phase all the way to the final repair, each step is done with precision and right here in Glasgow!

Broken Screen?

In this day and age with our busy schedules, our handheld electronics are more prone to damage. It is possible to damage your favourite handheld by simply carrying it in your pocket or a purse. We at Repair King know first hand how easy it is to break a phone or laptop. We’ve seen it all, from scratches due to dropping a phone to broken screens that have been run over.

What we also see on a regular basis are the happy faces of customers when they leave with their fixed phone, computer or other handhelds.

So if it’s happened to you, come on down and we will be happy to restore yours back to its original condition!

Water Damage?

Did you accidentally spill water on your phone? Did you drop it in a pool? Did you “accidentally” take a shower while talking to your best friend?

Well, you have come to the right place. We at Repair King can fix it! Our technicians are equipped with the proper equipment and knowledge to fix your water damaged cellphone, iPod, or laptop.

If you are having problems due to water damage, don’t panic!
This is what you have to do:

1. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN IT ON! (if you’ve already done it, don’t do it again!)
2. Remove the battery (or if you can’t, just make sure it’s turned off).
3. Do not try to plug it into any device (power plug, computer, etc..).
4. Contact Repair King or just come down for a visit!

Desktop, netbook, or laptop problems?

Repair King is a business owned and operated in a fashion all its own. We realize the importance of a speedy and reliable computer. We also realize that computers do get jam-packed with programs and important documents.

If your computer needs anything from a virus removal to a motherboard replacement look no further. Our experienced technicians are here to save the day. From our diagnostics phase all the way to the final repair, our techs can do it all. No matter what the issue, they can fix it.

Did you drop your laptop? Spill coffee? Does it seem like it’s running slow?

No matter the problem bring it in, our educated staff will diagnose the problem and work with our customers to find a solution that works.

At Repair King our motto is “Keeping customers happy.” A happy customer is what we like to see. No more big brand name corporations stealing your hard earned money.

Our prices are the lowest in town and we guarantee it!